Albania Best Vocation for 2020

Hidden from the limelight since many years, Albania out of the closet around the 20th century. Albania is one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans in Europe is decorated with a beautiful, ancient fortress city, and pure sparkling beaches that make it a perfect location for offbeat holiday. Although it is still hidden from tourist crowds, but beautiful hiking trail, natural hot springs, lakes charming and historic towns ottoman provide a long list of things to do in Albania if you are a first-time trip.

Albania travel guide

Best Things To Do In Albania
Planning a vacation to Europe this Mediterranean paradise and think what to do in Albania? If yes, then make sure to enjoy this exciting 9 things to do and explore the best side of this land which still has a heritage and culture.

§  Theth To Valbona - Climb to the top of the beauty
§  Lake Komani - Take the ferry
§  Castle Rozafa - Capture stunning scenery
§  BUNK'ART - Explore the past
§  Tirana Cable Ride - Enjoy aerial views
§  Camping At Albania - On the beach
§  Weight - Visit the city with thousands of window
§  Gjirokaster Old Town - See roofs of flat stones
§  Hot Benja - Swimming
§  Himara - Go to the beach hopping
§  Filikuri beach - Kayaking
§  Butrint National Park - Starting safari
§  Durres - Visit the most amazing amphitheater
§  Sarande - Gorge on delicious food
1. Theth To Valbona - Hike Up To The Beauty

Adventure junkies can not miss the chance to climb from Theth to Valbona. One of the best hiking trails and challenging for walkers, this route starts from the traditional mountain village and pass through the mountain trails that connect with Valbona National Parks. Ascent 6-8 hours will give you a glimpse of the best views of the natural beauty that is valuable and also pedestrians can know about the simple mountain life by interacting with the locals.

2. Lake Komani - Up Ferries

Outside the famous hiking trail from Theth to Valbona, lake Komani are other interesting attractions that can not be missed. Situated close to the area of ​​Shkoder, the best view of the lake can be seen by riding a ferry. As you sail in the middle of the jungle, a brief look at the beauty of the lake and its surroundings which would actually be a good alternative for serious hiking.

3. Rozafa Castle - Capture The Stunning View

Rozafa Castle is an incredible heritage sites that provide a great view of the city and the lake Shkodra. This ancient fort is one of the most impressive sights of the city founded by the Illyrians. Legend has it that the castle is named after a woman who sacrificed his life as an offering to the gods to make the fort stands. Later, the castle was taken over by the Venetians and Turks. The castle is located at a distance of 3.5 km from the south of the city center. On the way, tourists can watch the fishing villages and vast countryside.

4. BUNK'ART - Explore the Past

If the unique place is your choice, Bunk'Art is a place not to be missed while in Albania. It is one of the coolest places to visit in which people can enjoy some fun things to do in Albania, Tirana. Transformed from the cold war bunker located in the suburbs of Tirana, this contemporary museum is a haven for the artistic soul. This place was once Albanian political elite who now organizes art exhibitions and displays modern side in the form of various forms of contemporary art.

5. Tirana Cable Ride - Enjoy the view of the Air

While Albania has little clue about the rich past, this Balkan country has the charm of the best natural beauty. One of them is Mount Dajti which stands tall and beautiful make beautiful scenery to be admired. To enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city of Tirana, take the cable car to reach the top. One of the best things to do in Albania, perform thrilling ride will not only give you a view of the city, but also would be an easy option for people who do not want to climb. So go up to the mountain to enjoy the beautiful sunset and delicious meals at the restaurant located at high altitudes.

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