Lava Pillow Berbah Sleman Travel Cool and Cheap

Jogjakarta is indeed rich in tourist attractions. This time about tourist attractions and education Lava pillow in Yogyakarta slah berbah. Lava pillow is an area of ​​Geology or Geo heritage that has existed since millions of years ago. This place is called a pillow lava because the rocks in this place are formed from the melt of molten Merapi volcano that freezes and forms a pillow-like pile.

This place is managed by the sleman government as an educational tour. Lava pillows offer the beauty of the help of frozen lava and clear streams. Besides that the scenery around which is still beautiful and cool is very pleasant. For now lava pillows also offer tubing tours for those who want to play water. While for those who like to take pictures, this place is also a lot of good spots to take pictures for both modeling and landscape.

The facilities available at this place are quite complete. Existing facilities include gasebo, pavilion, toilets, food stalls, a large parking area. For those of you who want to relax to this place do not need to worry because the facilities in this place are sufficient.

The location of the lava pillow is located on Jalan Berbah - Prambanan, Berbah, Kalitirto, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Access to this place is also not too difficult, but to get to this place the road is quite small. The route if you want to pillow lava please use the route of the highway berbah then continue westward until the sublime Bakti orphanage. From the orphanage please follow the road then take the right until SD Sumber 1, then go straight until you find a pillow lava billboard. The tourist destinations are pillow lava on the left side of the road.

The cost of entrance fees to this place is free. To visit this place, you are only charged the vehicle parking fee for the safety of visitors' vehicles. For parking fees, a fee of Rp.2,000 applies for motorcycles, Rp.5,000 for a car, while for buses is Rp.10,000 only. Interested in a vacation to Lava Bantal?

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