Enjoy the Sunset from Klaten Pertapan Bayat Bukit Wisata

Klaten, is a small city that has many pennant or spring resorts that are famous for being clear and refreshing. Such as the Umbul Manten and Ponggok pennant which are already quite well-known among residents of Klaten and outside Klaten. But this time we will not discuss about pennant, this time will discuss about hill tourism. This time, we will discuss Pertapan Hill, which is a hill prepared as an integrated tour that can be used for educational, spiritual and recreational tourism.

As an educational tour, the pertapan hill presents the existence of quartzite and schist. These rocks are millions of years old. These rocks can only be found in Kebon Bayat, Karang Sambung, Kebumen and Tap Cismis. In this place visitors can learn about ancient stones.

As tourists are more comfortable in this place, local residents build a viewing post, tower view and tree house to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. In addition, from this hill you can also enjoy the view with the background of Mount Merapi. During this time the pertapan hill is often used for meditation by several groups. Besides being used for meditation, this place is also often used as a place to open together.

Bukit pertapan is located in Kebon Village, Bayat District, Klaten Regency, Central Java. To access this place is fairly easy. Please head to Kebon Village, Bayat. Access to reach the top of the hill is also fairly easy, visitors can walk or use a bicycle with a distance of 720 meters.

Public facilities at this tourist spot are still in the process of being worked on such as toilets, infrastructure to the top and gazebos. Not only that in this place, there are also stalls that serve typical culinary culinary and souvenirs. Interested in vacation here?

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