Enchantment of Cikaso Sukabumi Waterfall

Turning to Sukabumi, this time we will discuss the charm of the Cikaso waterfall. This waterfall was not named Cikaso but Luhur Waterfall. Because this waterfall flows into the Cikaso river, the people call it the Cikaso waterfall or the Cikaso waterfall.

This waterfall is not yet well known in the public but not for photo hunters and backpackers. This place is indeed no stranger to photo hunters and backpackers because it has its own beauty. This place is not very well known among the general tourists because it is located in a remote area.

This waterfall is arguably quite unique because it has a width of about 100 meters with a height of only 30 meters. This waterfall has 3 water channels below which there is a pool that accommodates the three waterways. Three streams of this waterfall have their respective names. Curug Asepan (left), Curug Meong (middle), and Curug Aki (right).

Cikaso waterfall is located in Kamping CIniti, Surade, Cibitung Village, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. If from Jakarta, to get to this place takes about 6 hours. For access to this place can use private vehicles or use public transportation such as buses or trains.

The route to this place is fairly easy. If from Sukabumi please follow the direction to Jampang Kulon then to Surade. For the location of this waterfall is located on the left side of the road at the intersection of three Cikikas roads before entering the Surade area.

The facilities available at this place are public toilets so that visitors do not need to worry when they want to defecate. In addition to having toilets, small stalls are also available in this place making it easier for tourists when they run out of food or are lazy to bring lunch. The entrance fee for this fee is Rp.27,000 per car and parking fee of Rp.6,000 only. It also provided boat rental at a price of Rp. 60,000, which can accommodate 10 people.

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