Cool and clear waterfalls waimarang waingapu

This time it tells the story of hidden beauty in eastern Indonesia. For this time we will discuss about the waterfall which is located hidden in the Sumba area, the Walimarang Waterfall in Waingapu.

Waimarang Waterfall is a hidden paradise in Waingapu. This waterfall is deep in the depths of the Sumba forest. This waterfall has a height of 2 meters and a pool that holds the water below. In addition, this waterfall has very clear water with blue water and rock cliffs that surround it.

To get to this place it takes about 2 hours from the city of Waingapu. From the city of Waingapu, the trip is treated to views of the savannah and beautiful hills. For access to this place through rural road access which is fairly narrow for cars to pass. This rural road is only enough for one car, if there are cars from the opposite direction it will be very troublesome.

This waterfall is still beautiful and natural because its location is still hidden and is still in the depths of the forest. To reach this place it takes trekking down the hill for about 30 minutes from a large car park.

Walimarang waterfall is located in the Melolo area precisely in Watu Hadang Village, Umalulu Subdistrict, East Sumba, East Southeast Nua. The entrance fee to this place is still free, only a parking fee is charged. Parking fees for motorbikes are Rp.5,000, while for cars Rp.10,000. To go to this place it is recommended to use mountain sandals because they have to pass through the hills, and bring drinking water and supplies from the vehicle parking lot. It is not recommended to come in the afternoon because the journey home will be very dark.

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