Blue Lake Kaco Lake in Jambi

Jambi, a province on the east coast that is no less beautiful than the other provinces. Jambi has a tourist destination that is no less interesting compared to other regions. For example, the Kerinci Seblat National Park which is the largest national park in Sumatra. This national park consists of flora and fauna.

Speaking of the Kerinci seblat National Park, there is a hidden paradise in it. The hidden paradise is Lake Kaco or in the Indonesian language means Glass Lake which has clear blue water with shady trees surrounding it.

In addition to the clear water and lush trees surrounding it, this lake has its unique characteristics at night. At night the lake will look radiant, especially during the full moon. The night view when exposed to the moonlight makes this lake more radiant so that many travelers deliberately to camp at this place.

Although the lake is very beautiful, but until now it is not known how much into this lake. In addition there are dark stories about this lake. Myths circulating in society, the clarity of Danu's water is because diamonds are entrusted by many young men who want to propose to a daughter of the king of crows. The king's daughter Crow is very beautiful and even her own father is captivated, and therefore many young men who without doubt entrust diamonds to propose to the princess. But because of his father's greed, the princess was spotted and drowned at the bottom of the lake with diamonds entrusted by the youths who wanted to propose to the princess.

Access to get to this place can be reached by using the land route from the city of Jambi. From the city of Jambi to the full river with a span of 10 hours, then from the full river proceed to Lempur Village, Gunung Raya District for 45 minutes. After that you have to walk through the forest for 4 hours to get to Lake Kaco.

Facilities at this place are not provided public facilities at all because they are in the forest. It is recommended to bring personal supplies and medicines needed on the trip. If you want to camp, please bring a private tent, logidtik and adequate equipment because it is far from residential areas. How does this try visiting Lake Kaco at night?

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