Tips for taking baby on the Karimunjawa express ship

Open-open the photo folder last September, oh, it turns out many stories were missed, not told on this blog. Even if you want to pay in installments, you can. If you're lucky. For example now, suddenly there is free time because Baby Gi sleeps so fast. Alhamdulillah. So I want to tell you about my experience taking Gi to take a boat to Karimunjawa. Psst .. we're leaving together, you know. So, it's appropriate, right if you make a story titled, Tips for taking a baby on the Karimunjawa express ship? Yes ... actually there was a group, but we felt together during the trip. You know that sometimes you have to hold nausea when you go on a ship?

September 2, 2019, I began by preparing what clothes I brought. After getting used to traveling, I became infected with carrying out luggage. Especially at that time I was in doubt, so I left, huh? Heu ... heu ... even though I've traveled together several times with Gi, even since he was 4 months old, it feels like this time too much. Cross to Karimunjawa island, which is located 80 KM from the mainland of Java. Hmm ... But I promised to come to the Barikan KUbro 2019 event, and even bought the ticket. Big sin if you don't come.

7 o'clock in the morning. I was determined to leave. Bruk-bruk-bruk, I choose the clothes I chose. Even with Gi's clothes. I already have the formula how many clothes I want to bring. So it is faster. Especially if in Karimunjawa, I can always wash my clothes, because I live in a homestay that feels home.

At 8 o'clock I was on a motorcycle heading to Kartini Pier. I have already contacted a friend who used to buy tickets to Karimunjawa, to buy infat tickets for Baby Gi. Infant tickets can only be purchased at time of departure. The counters will open at 8 am, and the ship starts preparing to leave at 9 am. Short time, right.

Long story short, I have entered the ship. Already sitting sweet with Gi who wore a batik suit that morning. Black jacket is worn, for fear the ship's air conditioner will disturb him. That morning, we boarded the express ship.

Oh yeah, Gi happened to have been on an express ship and ferry. He has been to Karimunjawa 2x with different types of transportation. But this time I focus on the express ship first, yes. Because, both are different tips and ways. If it's an express it's only 2 hours away, and the seats are determined. Well, the ferry can freely look for a seat, and even can find a comfortable bed, because the trip takes 4.5 hours.

Psst ... I'm telling you, yes. Babies can get on the boat. Not noisy. In fact, Karimunjawa residents are used to giving birth in Jepara, then invites their babies to settle in Karimunjawa. So do not be surprised if you meet mothers or grandmothers carrying new born on board, yes. They usually enter last, so as not to jostle.

Tips for taking a baby or under 2 years aboard the Karimunjawa express ship

1. Choose the right vacation time, when the ship's waves are still small. Ask the seller of the package, yes, when is the most appropriate time.

2. Bring only the necessary items, do not feel that you need this so you know the little luggage 1 or 2 bags themselves. If you are used to using pospak, just buy at Karimunjawa. I brought 6 clodi sets. Economical and not complicated complicated. Just 1 bag, I join my shirt. Don't forget to bring 1 toy to hold during the trip.

3. Bring a nursing pillow? May. But in my opinion how come it takes up space, because our seat limit is not large. Bring only 2 neck pillows, one to make the baby sitting / sleeping soft, and one for our neck. Comfortable, really.

4. Buy infant tickets. Infant tickets can not be bought in advance, such as regular tickets. But, the price is also more smiley. Regular tickets are divided into 2; executives 177 thousand and VIP 197 thousand. Infant tickets are only 20 thousand. Interesting, right? But it has to be on my lap.

5. Place the bag and other luggage near the entrance of the ship so it is easy to pick it up when it comes down. If brought up (VIP) or down (Executive), bring the goods when going out is not comfortable. Except, if you plan to go down last. I like to go down first so I can take some photos and videos. Bring the baby did not forget this ritual.

6. Make sure the baby is full when going aboard, so he can fall asleep quickly. However, when riding a ship there is still an uncomfortable sensation. Babies already feel uncomfortable, plus absorb the anxiety of their mothers ... usually automatically resets, anyway ... unless the mother is calm during the trip.

7. Photographs, if done, when the ship has not departed. Still fresh and our faces are still sweet. Still happy and full of enthusiasm. Not seasick if you really feel it.

8. Baby's lap with a position as comfortable as possible. Can also while breastfeeding so fast asleep. I hum softly, anyway ... hihihii.

9. If the baby sleeps, go immediately to sleep to be equally relaxed. The next thing I know, it's arrived. Yes ... I stayed a few times, during those 2 hours. But it feels so fresh and delicious.

10. Even though the ship has tethered its anchor to land, it is better to stay seated. Long time ... the process. Instead of tired of standing. If you bring a baby, it's better to come down later, rather than crammed.

Like that, a dime tip from me. Hopefully, something useful. Yes ... that's it if you like me on vacation. Looking for something nice and easy.

Maybe friends a little doubt, what yes, Baby Gi calm during the trip? The answer, yes, really calm. The secret is in the emotional outburst of her mother. Because I was very calm and believed that the ship would take us safely to Karimunjawa, the baby calmed down. Restless his mother could be crying. I have proven a number of times, when I was nervous, Gi became restless and fussy. Therefore, I often feel my feelings, other than this handsome baby.

Hopefully these tips to take the baby on the Karimunjawa express ship are useful, yes. Look forward to my next stories, about Karimunjawa. It feels like it is earmarked, even though I have lots of small change tips about Karimunjawa, because I went there several times. You could say 2x a year, and live with local residents.

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