Karimunjawa Love Hill

Unbelievably beautiful sunset, and starry night, that's how I remember the Karimunjawa Love Hill. I think I have to go there if I am visiting the islands near Jepara. And I certainly did it. If you can, every afternoon, when the sun starts to subside.

I once wrote about Bukit Love as an example of developing citizen tourism in two closed competitions, and unfortunately it hasn't caught the attention of the jury. Maybe it's because I'm not good enough to tell, or too much admiration for this tourist destination, which for me is not only beautiful, but also friendly. To me, the owner related the journey of Love Hill to what it is today.

This story begins with the heroic action of a STM child who wants to have a business, an older brother who likes screen printing, and a father and mother who want to sell souvenirs for Karimunjawa tourists. They are a family that works hand in hand, collaborating all their wants and needs.

Mario, his name, when he made the road that we followed while visiting Bukit Love, was still a student. Morning to afternoon school, afternoon to evening climbing the rock hill to make the houses above. His footprints formed the path that is now a stairway. Not an easy business because the slopes are very steep. When it rains, not much water absorbs. They flow down with the sand and the raised earth sliding down. It feels like a waste, if that's what I'm doing. But not for this young man and his parents.

After the hill has started beautiful, promotion begins. Initially free, what is important is selling souvenirs. Then, the tariff is set at Rp. 10,000, - like other tourist locations, with bonus soft drinks, then bottled mineral water, until it is finally empty. Bonus money is used for community activities, in the form of joint ventures, activity fund support, English language training, workshop on waste materials, and others.

That is what was told to me, one night in July, on the highest floor there, while looking at the stars that blink faintly because at that time the half moon was enough to block the sparkle.

Love Hill continues to clean up. Aware that what is being sold is a beautiful view on Karimunjawa, seen from the top of the hill. Some preweding activities or candle light diners are held there. Dusk lovers almost always hunt red tinge there. As the sun slowly fades, the shoreline in the northwest will fade. In the middle, between the silhouettes of coconut leaves, it will be like the paintings sold there. Lots of beautiful parts there, it feels like to be explored. Unfortunately, some travelers only take 1-3 beautiful photo spots. In fact, if you want to intend to look for beautiful natural photos (and photos of yourself), who knows how much storage space the HP / camera has left.

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