Airport Shuttle Service, Travel so no worries

I love to travel out of town, to add experience, skills, or just a vacation. Most of the trips are in the form of official trips. There is something that has been prepared by the organizer. There is also one that I have to buy my own round-trip plane ticket and taxi payment. All of my groceries will be cashed out before the event ends.

There are quite a lot of people traveling in my style. For example, ASNs and those involved in government projects. An example of the fact is, when I attended the signing of a book-making collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, I had to buy all the tickets from the start.

Throughout the traveling experience, the most thrilling is the trip to the airport. Can not just choose a taxi, because there is no evidence. I once scorched the cost of a taxi because I didn't understand how. Never mind, after all I ride it myself, I thought, trying to calm the feeling of gelo. Yes ... the money is not bad, huh. Hehehe

Learning from this experience, I find the airport shuttle service at Traveloka very helpful. We can directly buy plane tickets and golden bird taxis in one place. One place for all needs; plane / train tickets, hotels and taxis. Proof of purchase is also neat, in the form of e-mail as well. Apparently this company sees this potential niche.

Why should we buy airport shuttle services? Because we can dispel anxiety and prevent fatigue, in addition to the reasons for a more planned trip. Traveling from home to the airport and or from the airport to the location can create some anxiety. There are traffic jams, late pickup, it is unclear who will deliver. Hmm .... I've experienced it. I have also experienced queuing up at taxi rental counters, for a long time, after a tiring air trip. With a lot of luggage (I prefer backpacks for multipurpose bags), then still queuing makes your face more bent. If you have bought at the beginning, you can just swing out the airport door. Heuheu ..... face still happy and stay a little up, can go directly to the location of the event. Well ... for the sake of saving budget hotels and meals, I love coming from the airport directly to the location of the activity.

This time I tried to find out the cost of ordering a shuttle service from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport to Kuta beach. Use the Golden Bird Bali doong ... Indeed there is no plan to go there, hmm ... the name is also trial and error, while praying there is a trip there soon. It turns out that there are two fleet options:

1. Golden bird car rental. There are various types of cars that can be ordered: Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, to luxury cars such as the Toyota Camry and Toyota Alphard. Just adjust the budget, the driver is still professional.
2. Big bird bus. This type of vehicle can carry more groups. It's fun, right?

We can choose as needed. Want a car or bus? Adjust the number of travel companions. Flat rates. No different from the direct message blue bird Fun, right? Even more fun because there is usually a price reduction.

Here are some advantages if buying an airport shuttle service:

1. More planned trips,
2. Low price,
3. 24 hour service,
4. No need to queue taxis,
5. Worry free,
6. The exact pickup location,
7. The driver is always ready to wait,
8. Travel faster.
9. Rest in a comfortable lounge, with free hot or cold drinks.

Come on ... prepare your trip better. With this airport transfer or airport shuttle service, the journey becomes no worries.

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