Payment Using QR Code in Everyday Life

Google and Tamasek this year have released the Economy Southeast Asia report, and mentioned the figure of 27 billion US dollars for the achievement of Indonesia's digital economy. The amount is large, even third in Asia, after China and India. Not surprisingly, the number of internet users in Indonesia is indeed very large, namely 170 million active users (according to BPS as of April 2019). Some of these users use their cellphones as payment media. I am one of them, even though my digital purchases are still very small. I have used QR Code as a payment medium.

Jepara may not be as busy as Kudus, Semarang and several neighboring cities, but suffice it to say, I am quite tech-savvy and use it as long as I need to and can. For quick and practical purposes, I installed GoJek and filled GoPay as a digital payment tool. At least I can travel anywhere or order food without cash. Or, pay for groceries at Alfamart, also in cashless or non-cash.

Why GoPay?
Why only GoPay? Isn't there LinkAja, OVO, FUNDS, and others?

In my opinion, everything is good and helpful. It's also good to have everything. But I am not a person who has a lot of money to fill all digital wallets. My reason is, because some of my blogging work payments are in the form of a GoPay balance, so why not just use it?
So it's clear, yes, if I write about GoPay, the reason is telling stories based on personal experience. And because, I want to be part of the # feskabi2019 series held in September - November 2019.

What is FesKaBI 2019?

Maybe friends have heard of BI Goes to Campus? BI Goes to Campus is a form of Bank Indonesia (BI) socialization and education for students in various cities in Indonesia. The hope is that students as the nation's successors will know and understand the latest functions, tasks and policies of Bank Indonesia. Several campuses are chosen every year. So, the program is from campus to campus. The hope is of course to give students a comprehensive understanding (as millennial generation) of what and how BI works.

The event has been conducted since 2013 until now. The difference, now, BI Goes to Campus changed its name to FesKaBI or Bank Indonesia Education Festival.

The 2019 FesKaBI was opened at Surakarta State University on September 26, 2019. Coinciding with that, the blog and video contest was held publicly until November 20, 2019. To attract as many bloggers and vlogers as possible, a total of 200 million prizes were prepared for the winners. There are five types of race, namely:

  1. Short film,
  2. Vlog,
  3. minute video,
  4. Animation,
  5. Blog.

Themes that can be chosen are:

  1.  Transactions smoothly using QR
  2.  Smooth business using QR
  3.  QR millennial digital payments.

Of course, I chose the third theme that I was familiar with and did (although still rarely).

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