Family vacation? Just Rent an Apartment Room!

Planning a family vacation trip isn't as easy as planning a trip alone or together. There are just dramas. Especially if the child is able to determine what he wants to get from the holiday. In fact, part of the children's vacation was originally to follow me to work, rather than at home alone. Since Gi was there, I have had to invite them. For those of us who are on a mediocre vacation budget, we must plan a trip with detailed budget before actually leaving. After I calculated, rent an apartment while on vacation to the city, cheaper and home for my children.

Family Vacation is not only about the budget, but also still prioritizes ibrah or what lessons can be given to children. Parenthing does not take holidays while on vacation. Still have to go hand in hand. Daily homework must still be done. When vacationing at Grandma's house, for example, Mas Destin still gets to cook rice and wash dishes that are not plates. Mas Binbin still part sweeping and washing dishes-spoons. Of course when her grandmother is not at home. Luckily, every day the house is quiet because everyone works. At 3 in the afternoon, all started to go home. I have time from morning to evening to ensure that the Isttiqomah children do their homework.

This kind of thing is not easy. For example when I went to Karimunjawa. Children become real holidays because all food is bought or prepared by acquaintances that we visit.

The main challenge is, when they go home, they will usually return negligent with their homework. A day, it is permissible ... after that I must go back and make sure they hold the agreed assignment.

I understand, having a child like them is a fortune. But I also have to make them accustomed to being independent. My main reason is, because we live far away from family and I never knew how old I would live. So, I teach them to solve their daily challenges. I just started with survival lessons. How to overcome when forgetting to turn off the stove, the pan on fire, what if you see a wasp endas that often is at home, and others.

With this kind of family mission, I do not feel comfortable staying as a family in a hotel, except if forced, what can I do. During this time I chose a boarding house because it is more homely and the budget is quite cheap. Eat it cooked well but eaten at home. Can save a third to half. And ... children will also be more comfortable. In my opinion. Maybe because the kids have never stayed at a hotel, yes. What is clear, anyway ... At the hotel also must order 2 rooms because we are a family of five: father, mother, teenagers, elementary school children and babies. Huhuhu ... Should be in an apartment that allows us to rent a room for a family. Ha ha ha ha. This is what I like. I immediately search for Traveloka apartment rooms in Banten.

Can? Can! I also just found out, apparently, I rented a room apartment daily through Traveloka. Asli just found out. 2 years ago I thought about trying it when I went to Jakarta alone. But I do not know how. It's really rustic. Ha ha ha ha.

Little boss who changed our vacation style

Why would I want to rent an apartment room on a family vacation? Because enough rent 1 room for a family. One room like a miniature house. Usually called studio. This type of room reminds me of college. Students in France live in the studio, said my textbook.

If any type of studio is difficult to find, at least, apartment rooms are always in the form of number 1 mattresses that are relieved and can be for three. Foursome with Gi. His father can sleep on the sofa. Haha.

Some apartments in Banten have swimming pools, which can be used by DnB to play water. This is what they like the most. In the apartment room there are also cooking utensils in the form of levels, limited to cooking water and warming food. In my opinion, that's enough. Mas Destin can cook simple food (instant) when I am outside, Mas Binbin does the dishes. Her father keeps Gi and all the controls. Because, indeed, not all of my work is outside, they can follow it. In the evening, we were able to have family time around the apartment, which certainly had many choices, from the mall to the streets around there.

And ... clearly, renting apartment rooms, including cheap and profitable. Can choose from two to four hundreds for an apartment whose amenities I mentioned above. Interesting, right?

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