Want to be an Esport Athlete?

My teenage son, who once was a teenager, once expressed his desire to become an esport athlete so that he would not just play Mobile Legend with his friends. He wants and feels capable. I tried to find out how deeply he understood what esport was and why he wanted it. I am not a narrow minded mother and despise a profession. I am a realistic mother looking at the situation. My child may be an esport athlete, as long as he can meet the requirements.

The mbarep has a formidable warrior character. Always level up very quickly. Master the techniques to win matches. His instincts are strong, and he has the intelligence of mathematical logic. From us, he inherited the talent to recognize a design. No wonder he often wins. But the device he uses is not qualified. Okay, maybe he often defeats his opponent, but it takes more than that to win in a higher level game. The device is qualified with a fairly high specification and super fast internet connection is the need.

I asked him, what is the difference between an esport athlete and other athletes? He could not answer, because for him the task of the sports athlete was just to play. Hmm ... this is a very wrong stigma. Esport or electronic sport is not just playing continuously, but must master a number of conditions required to be an athlete. One of the most overlooked is being physically and mentally healthy. That means eating enough, getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise. Can not be careless. And the most crucial thing is skill in managing time management.

And he was stunned.

He is one of the millions who misinterpreted this sports game as a mere form of recreation, which spends time and money. People often confuse the function of games as entertainment and games as a profession. Instead of just wasting money, just be an athlete. Then, a wave of unrest arose from the mothers who had power on social media, and they flocked to condemn President Jokowi who was very supportive of Indonesian exports.

The anxiety of these mothers is not unreasonable. Based on data compiled by KompasTekno from the international esport site newzoo.com, Indonesia has 43.7 million game players who spend 880 million US dollars (around Rp. 11 billion) to play games. This total makes Indonesia ranked 16th in the world with revenue from the largest game in the world. 56 percent of them are male gamers who use a PC / laptop, with an age range of 10-50 years. While the remaining 44 percent are female gamers aged 10-50 years. This fact is quite troubling so we need to find a solution together.

After talking with the mbarep child who was in grade 9, I started to learn about esport. As a mother, I have to find out everything that a child wants to know so that he always knows who he should ask. It is important for me to be a place to ask children, whatever it is, because my job is to educate them. I am not willing he was educated carelessly by street people I do not know the character, especially the truth. I always remember Mrs. Elly saying, "If we don't provide education (sexuality), what is a pedicab driver on the road?" And it was very scary for me. That is why I always secretly learn more from them. What children like, I learn.

From the results of many reads, I have a conclusion about what conditions are needed by a gamer before making his hobby into a professional class of athletes, namely:

1. Choose one game to pursue.
It is very important to specialize the game. Choose carefully which game is most appropriate. If possible, the game is a bit of a player. Usually this game is paid and has a high level of difficulty. So the athlete cannot rely on ordinary abilities. Millions of gamers dream of becoming athletes. There are sakadar dream, there are those who try hard to make it happen. "Being unique among them will make you visible," I ordered. Choosing 1 also means being able to better understand the game being played; how to practice it, what must be achieved, and how to master this game.

2. Enter the Esport magazine
Esport Magazine is like a filter for prospective athletes. This magazine is actively looking for new talents. They will be reviewed for their abilities. Although not a mandatory requirement, but at least, your superiority has been detected. How do you enter? Make yourself visible to talent seekers by diligently participating in competitions and winning. At the very least, make your character stand out among all the contestants.

3. Good behavior.
Good behavior here means the ability to play as a team, time discipline, good at communicating, not arrogant let alone haughty. Also the ability to adapt, because it could be that your play partner has a different character from you. Even so, you guys have to work together in a solid way to win the game, right?

4. Make your team your family.
Form a solid team to win the competition. This team, although they have never met, will be able to interact in the agreed messenger application. Can Dischord, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Flock. Virtual hangouts can be done at agreed times. During that interaction, be yourself. Don't imitate other people's characters. It's very important to learn to trust the team as trusting yourself.

5. Sharpen your instincts to trust teammates
Instinct is very much needed in game play, both regular games and in esport. Players must hone their instincts so they don't mistrust people. He must weigh the ability of friends in his team to what extent. Sometimes, when it becomes more critical, he must believe that turning himself off can make his team win, so he will attack all out. Of course it takes a series of joint exercises to get sharp instincts of trust.

6. Practice harder.
Want to become an athlete or even become an athlete, meaning that you have to practice seriously and professionally. Not about the amount of time spent on training, but training in a structured way to increase flight hours. Make realistic targets about the achievements you want. Practice with these targets and always evaluate when done.

7. Make time management and keep it.
Time management is the toughest homework for gamers, both ordinary gamers and game athletes. Even so, time management is a sign that must be obeyed. Create time management in a day from waking up to going back to sleep. Get to know the most appropriate hours to practice without being interrupted by other schedules. There must be good time management in order to be able to fly high without destroying the body.

8. Watch and improve your game statistics.
Statistics in your game are important report cards to find out how good you are at a particular game. Its function is not different from school report cards, it's just that the shape is different. Don't give your statistics red color by cheating.

9. Keep physical exercise
Physical exercise in the form of running, gymnastics, yoga, and others must be routinely carried out so that the body is always in top condition. Do not underestimate the vitality of the body, because this is very necessary for game athletes. Sports games are different from physical sports. Coordination of the eyes, brain and hands is very dominant, while other body parts may only be a support. However, these supports are the basic strength required when competing in game competitions.

10. Routine drinking water.
Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is an important habit for everyone, including athletes and gamers. If you forget to drink, your body can become dehydrated so that it becomes weak, dizzy, and often evaporates. Concentration is also easily dispersed. Most of it is water, the rest is your favorite drinking water, except for soda.

11. Diligent eye exercises and consumption of vitamins for the eyes
Eye sports here is not washing your eyes to the mall, yes. Eye exercise is needed to prevent eye fatigue and keep eyes focused even though they are often active in front of the computer. If you're curious, immediately click on how to exercise your eyes on the Alodokter site. Don't forget to take eye vitamins as prescribed by your doctor.

12. Upgrade the gaming device regularly
Although it is important, I include it later because I believe in the statement, "Man behind tools is the most important." Gaming devices such as cellphones, consoles, and PCs are the main combat devices for esport athletes. The better the quality, the better the 'sports' results. So, improving device specifications is one way to add quality and professionalism. The best place to buy professional grade gaming devices is at Paola.id. It can be on paola.id's Instagram or paola.id's website

Hmm ... so many, right, the conditions that must be met to become an athlete in sport. Some of them are conditions that I have proposed for my mbarep. But I'm sure what I wrote above makes sense and can be considered by athletes as an athlete. Are you able? Definitely able. Should.

Well, I've written a lot, but I haven't told you what esport is.

According to Wikipedia, esports are:

Electronic sports (also known as competitive games, pro games, Esports, e-sports, electronic sports, or pro gaming in South Korea) is a term for multiplayer (multiplayer) video game competitions, generally among professional players. Streaming video games typically associated with electronic sports are real-time strategy streams, fights, first-person shootouts, and multiplayer online fighting arenas. Tournaments such as The International Dota 2 Championships, League of Legends World Championship, Battle.net World Championship Series, Evolution Championship Series, Intel Extreme Masters, show live broadcasts as well as cash prizes to their players.

So, esport or electronic sports are sports that use games as the main competitive field played by professionals. Esport can be played by anyone, without certain physical standards. Even people with disabilities can become professional athletes. In principle, esport is included in mental and mind sports. It's been compared to chess and contact bridge games. All have been competed in the Olympics. So here there is a competition that requires mastery of certain techniques and strategies to win the match. The difference is that epsort is more often a team play. Well, because of entering the realm of sports, esports athletes must also wear uniforms like other athletes. Like the Indonesian esport athletes below.

Indonesian esport athletes are gathered in the IeSPA (Indonesia eSport Association), which is currently still a parent of the FORMI organization (Federation of Sports for the Indonesian Society). IeSPA is determined to realize Indonesia as a country of achievement and respect in the field of exports in the eyes of the international community. This goal, God willing, can be achieved, because there are many talented Indonesian sports athletes. They are actively looking for talent in all corners of Indonesia by creating competitions in each city, called the Esport League. Does your city already have this competition? Are you interested in becoming an athlete team? Prepare yourself the best, yes. Who knows, you will be in the esport athlete team who will be invited to Manila for the Asia esport training camp.

Above I have written that being able to play in a team even trust a team like trusting himself. So, this is not about playing as much time as possible until forgetting school, family and your own needs. Instead play intelligently, physically fit, fresh eyes; that's what must be considered.

So ... it's not about playing as much, as often, and as long as possible until forgetting time, right? If indeed you feel that you are able to comply with the requirements to be an esport athlete I described above, it is time for you to look for an esport athlete group and have a specific coach. Whatever your choice, do it wholeheartedly and be your best version.

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