Natural Communication: Myths About Butterflies, Chickens and Other Animals

Nature and humans have lived together in harmony. Humans are also still sensitive and pay attention to natural signs. Natural communication takes place which is now referred to as a myth.

In ancient times, humans were one with nature and heeded the signs conveyed by the mother earth. Animals tell the story. Active interactions are also created between humans and animals. There are no books, let alone Google. Also no telephone or TV. From there emerged titen and tetenger. When a butterfly enters the house, for example, the wife will cook better than before to keep some of it, in case the guest arrives. When humans get further away from nature, the results of that human title become a myth and increasingly difficult for logic by the current generation that was never introduced to the 'myth'. It is said a myth because it is considered to have an element of magic, magic, has no evidence, and cannot be trusted.

Plato was the one who first introduced us to the term myth, which originally referred to the story of an ancient god or supernatural person, who had an interpretation of the origin of a place in the universe. We also know him by the name of legend or folklore. Somehow then the word myth (mythe) is more often used to refer to events, activities, uses or behaviors that are no longer believed. In fact, some of them might be true just different perceptions.

I am the transitional generation between old and new. I have felt how various myths are now used as titent and tetenger instruments for something to happen. Some only become natural events, for example when suddenly there are a lot of ants entering the house, including the queen ants, that means their homes on the ground may have begun to be 'damaged' by water, or instead there will be heavy and prolonged rain so they need to find a safe location until the water recedes. Some things do happen, for example there is a big butterfly coming in, going around the house, it turns out there really is a special guest coming. In the morning there are butterflies around the rear lights, it turns out there is a big transfer. But, sometimes it is just an ordinary event, namely a butterfly who got lost into the house. Because the life span of a butterfly is very short, it often disappears without a trace. Maybe you eat geckos or geckos at home.

Do I believe in this myth? I tried to answer, "no."

The reason is because I am still filled with doubts, whether it is just a coincidence, or because I am still living united with nature, and believe that the Creator can also speak through omens, as we are taught to look for omens after Istikharah prayer.

But certainly, I do not believe fully. I just pay attention and live according to my daily activities. If a mate will meet, if not, will telisiban or not meet.

Another myth that I experience in everyday life in the village is the crowing of roosters at night. Until now I still often say, "Wow, whose child is this pregnant out of wedlock?" When I heard koko chicken at 9-10 pm. Automatically, say that. This happened because I heard you say that. He is a Javanese who is Njawa. A little practice of kejawen. This made me know very few myths and primbons.

Javanese people in ancient times believed that the sound of roosters had their own meaning. If it is heard when we are normally awake (8-10), a sign that there is a disgrace that occurs in the community. Because one of the concerns of ancient parents is marrying a child in a state of virgin, the disgrace is always juxtaposed with the condition of pregnancy without marriage.

Another case if the crowing of the chicken is heard at night. This means that there will be a large fortune. So they hurriedly prayed. If the crowing sounds strange, they will come to the cage, because it is usually a sign that someone is stealing chickens, both humans and wild animals.

Such wisdom in the village. If you want to call it that. I call it the way nature speaks to humans. More specifically, the way animals communicate, and we understand because our communication with him is still harmonious.

More and more reading, I find the hadith:

"If you hear a rooster crowing at night, ask God for blessings, because you are looking at angels, while if you hear a donkey braying, then ask for protection from God because he sees Satan." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Is then, the myth that is maintained in the village is still relevant? Yes, we are what we think, say, and pray for. If you follow the collective habits of the past, by believing that someone will get a large fortune when you hear the crowing of a midnight chicken, then fervently pray, it could be that our prayers were helped to be guaranteed by angels, and it was we who won the great fortune.

Finally finished, I wrote the theme of this super unique Ship Party challenge. In the end, I was forced to squeeze my memories of Nature Communication: Myths About Butterflies, Chickens and Other Animals. Sorry if anyone disagrees. I only write about what I understand from the teachings of parents and what is already fleshy. This is also the way I communicate with nature. Maintaining harmony between us, so that we are always sensitive to capture the message of nature.

Still want to read the myths? Mbah Hanila Pendar Bintang has a good article about the myth 4 types of food. There is something that makes fathers afraid to eat, you know! Just read it, 4 facts of this myth we need to know.

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